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Today I started working on the new feeding area at work.
My boss has kindly let me use a piece of rough grassland at the bottom of his land.

I had to first strim down the grass and brambles, and then clear the area. As there was no hurry I left the area for a while so any wildlife could get used to it.

Its quite a large area of land where I work which is not being used for anything at the moment, in fact I planted some of the trees there about 20 years ago, some of my colleges at work call it David’s wood.

Bordering the bottom is the river frome which starts off not far away at Doddington House.

18th September

Put up a feeding post today with a few feeders on, Peanuts, Niger seed and some cheap mixed seed.

Also made a start on the viewing screen.

Then put in the trail cam to see what happens?

Squirrels came and destroyed the lot, chewed through all the plastic and with the Magpies ate the lot.

Time for a rethink.

28th October

Pinched some metal feeders from Anita and put up today with sunflower hearts, that stop the squirrels.

But still no birds. I don’t think they like the position, but it is the best position for the light and photography.

Time for another rethink

7th November

Decided to move the feeding post to a new position, and almost immediately some birds started to use it, albeit just Blue Tits.

The new position is nearer to the shrubs and trees which gives them more cover, you can watch them work there way along to the feeders.

The only problem is its a bit more in the shade for photography, however the birds should be a bit safer.

22th November

Added a new post and cross rail to the feeding area today, plus some more feeders, just Sunflower hearts, Peanuts and a few Niger seed.

More Birds coming now Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Dunnock, Robin, Chaffinch and Goldfinches coming to the feeding area with a Sparrowhawk flying through this morning.

From the feeding area  Long-tailed Tit, Goldcrest, Great spotted Woodpecker, Redwing, Fieldfare, Kestrel , Bullfinch, Buzzard, Cormorant and Raven which is seen everyday.

29th November

Did a bit more work to the screen today, with another pallet added and the front boards going on.

Made a cage ground feeder during the week and installed it under the feeders. With all the Squirrels and Magpies coming and now some Pheasents all the ground food was being eaten before the small birds got a chance.

I think they can still get there heads through, going to find one stuck one day.

12th December

Put some more boards up today. Not too sure on the viewing slots or the position at the moment, so might have to adjust them later.

Looking forward to getting the wood burning stove put in (I wish).

Need a good cold spell to bring some more birds.

13th December


© D M Teague 2016

31st December. Managed to take a few picture today (see below). Same birds about.

4 Siskins flew into the Alders above the feeders. Chris managed a couple of Photos before everything flew, due to a couple of Buzzards flying over.

3rd. Caught a Great-spotted Woodpecker on the peanut feeder. Put some more boards up on the end today. Viewing slots seem to about right.

8th. Put out the trailcam on a hole in the fence to check was making it, and found it was a Muntjac.

To see the video click below (flickr page).

11th January 2016

Siskin and Dunnock photos by Chris