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Barn Owls

Badgers and Puffins


I was commissioned to produced a Christmas card for Collisons. The brief was that the subject had to be easily recognised and loved by the public, and contained a scene with people.

The Barn Owl was the obvious choice and was accepted.

The final painting was used by collisons for their own Christmas card range, and then, later by the National Trust.

These are from a set of twelve paintings commissioned by John Hinde (UK) for a set of Postcards.
They were later turned into Coasters and a Calendar.

Spotted Flycatcher

The client wanted to commission a painting of a Spotted Flycatcher. The birds breeding at the bottom of their garden in the Elms trees.

As the trees had Dutch Elm disease it looked like they might have to be removed in which case the birds would lose their breeding site. The birds were often seen on the fence post at the bottom of the garden, bordering the barley field. Photographs and a description was used to produce a pencil layout, the only changes which needed to be made was to reduce the size of the Swallow flying over. The only other thing was the Barley had to be green as the birds would have left before it was ripe.

If you are interested in commissioning a painting, and have an idea, please contact me with your requirements.

The more information you can send the better, Portrait/landscape, size, a description and any photographs you might have of a specific place or landscape, See Spotted Flycatcher below.

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